The Thumper TH100 Throat Microphone


The Thumper is the first throat microphone designed specifically for music performance. Released in January 2000, The Thumper has been used for vocal percussion, beatboxing, singing bass, or making really cool throat sounds. It will make the difference between a wimpy sound and a sound that will shake your audience to the core!

"But I Don't Make Throat Sounds..."

You don't need to! The Thumper will still pick up the low frequencies created at your lips. Works great with lip buzz!

Great for "Beatstrument"

If you play an instrument (harmonica, saxophone, flute, didjeridu, etc) and beatbox at the same time, The Thumper is the mic you need. It will help you get that beatbox out there and not have it covered up by your instrument.

What's Inside?

The collar microphone on the Thumper TH100 connects to a completely digital belt-pack, called the BeatPack. The BeatPack features:
  • Digital Signal Processing (DSP): 24-bit/48khz A/D/A and 56-bit double-precision digital audio processor.
  • Signal to Noise Ratio (SNR) >98 dB
  • Silent push-button mute
  • Powered by a single 9V battery
  • Configurable settings using 8 DIP switches

Thumper TH100 DSP Software (vTH100.1)

  • Two cascaded 4th-Order Linkwitz-Riley low-pass filters (-48dB/oct each) with adjustable corner-frequency via DIP switch settings.
  • Dynamic Bass Enhancement: provides boost that varies with input-signal level (using a variable-Q filter, it dynamically adjusts the amount of boost).
  • Automatic Gain Control (AGC) to keep your volume level consistent.
  • Two selectable muting modes: Momentary and Latching.
  • Custom programming is available. Please contact Freddie Feldman.



The Thumper throat microphone and BeatPack

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The Thumper throat microphone and BeatPack

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