The Only Microphones Designed For Beatboxers and Vocal Percussionists.

About BeatboxMics


Back in 1998, some vocal percussionists and beatboxers began experimenting with using multiple microphones simultaneouly for live performances. Freddie Feldman created The Thumper throat microphone to eliminate the need to hold two microphones during a performance (one in front of your mouth and one against your throat).

As seen in MusicTech Magazine UK:

Why Two Mics?

Of course two mics! When you amplify vocal percussion with just one mic, you're expecting that one microphone element to pickup a wide range of frequencies, and then process these frequencies all in the same way. A better way to amplify vocal percussion is to use two separate microphones (one for your mouth and one for your throat) and filter the unwanted frequencies from each. Sound engineers use a device called a "crossover" to separate regions of frequencies and direct them to different sets of speakers. The very low frequencies would be directed to a subwoofer, the mid frequencies to a woofer, and the very high frequencies to a tweeter. With The Thumper or Pounder, we use the same principle, but in reverse.

By using our mics, you no longer need to EQ one microphone to pickup a full range of frequencies. They are designed to pick up only the lowest frequencies, to mimic a kick-drum sound, and another mic (not included) is EQed to pickup the higher snare drum sounds. Your snare sounds will sound brighter and your kick sounds will sound thumpier. With The Thumper or Pounder, the idea of using a singularly equalized vocal percussion system is a thing of the past.